The Mysterious Benedict Society
Inside Mr. Benedict's House - Enormous dining halls, libraries piled to the ceiling with books that Mr. Benedict has read or is going to read, great food, and long mazes ready to challenge the children who come in.  Mr. Benedict's house is almost like a mansion but without the fancy furniture and pools.  Personally, I do not think that this house is very welcoming but i think it would be fun to be in because of its size.  The only person who likes Mr.Benedict's house is Reynie because of the books, and we all know that Reynie LOVES to read books.
Inside the Monk Building - Dusty hallways, numerous rooms in a row, smart children all advancing to the next stage, rugs cover everything, and a bunch of curious children.  The Monk Building is similar to the Westfield Y.  It is where people come to do a variety of activities.  The Monk Building is where the children who have made it to the second round of testing go to continue to the next stages of the test.