The Mysterious Benedict Society


One of the themes or morals of this book is to be a leader and not a follower.  In the Mysterious Benedict Society before the test a girl named Rhonda Kazembe "dropped" her pencil down a sewer and made Reynie help her get the pencil.  SInce he was unable to reach it he broke his pencil and gave the other half to her.  In repayment she offered to give Reynie the answers to the test.  He did not take the answers which leads back to the theme of the book be a leader not a follower.  It was a good thing that he didnt take the answers because they were not right and at the end it was for Mr. Benedict to see if Reynie was the right material for the secret mission.

The second theme of this book is not to judge a person until you meet them.  I think that theme fits the book well because when Reynie first sees Sticky he thinks that he is not normal.  But later in the book he realizes that he is a very smart boy and they soon become very good friends.

The same event happened with Sticky and Constance.  When Sticky first meets Constance he doesnt think twice about her.  She came in to Mr. Benedict's house with ripped clothes and terrible manners and she expects people to be nice to her.  But soon Sticky and Constance need to work together during the mission and they make a perfect team when they are not fighting.